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Consistency, Even When You Don't Want To

I wanted to call this post Day 3, or 5 or whichever day it actually is. Unfortunately, I don't know. I could check. Go back and count the days since the last post. But that's not important, or at least - it's not as important as the things that have gotten in the way of me being consistent here. And that's okay.

What's not ok is not being consistent AT ALL. And that is NOT happening. Not anymore anyway.

Let me 'splain...

See, I started my first business as a solo-preneur in 2017. I failed, killing that tax license and officially closing that business earlier this year. All told, I made about $1800 in sales in those 5 years. (It hurts to see it out on paper like that, but it's the hard truth.)

It took me 5 years...5 years... to realize that I was never going to be successful at anything unless I could learn to be consistent.

So, that's been a main focus of mine over the last few months. And I'll be honest, while it can feel grueling sometimes (we all know that feeling - just wanting to be 'done' for the day) I have found that it has been worth following through on...every time.

Being consistent brings a whole lot of rewards. But so far, the one that stands out the most is the sense of relief. Not feeling like I'm forgetting to do things, or 'pushing' things off until tomorrow. It's a pretty big deal, even though I didn't realize just how big of deal it would make in the way I operated on a day-to-day basis.

So, now, nearly 6 months after I had that epiphany, and started making moves based on the CONSISTENCY of what I was doing - my life has changed dramatically. And I find myself still working on it, and that's ok. Changing habits (particularly lifelong ones) is hard, and I refuse to berate myself for not doing fast enough (fast enough for whom is the question that comes to mind...).

It's one thing to daydream and wish and 'visualize' your dreams and goals. It's a valid step in the manifesting process, manifesting won't work without it. But it isn't the only step, and I find it just as fulfilling to be consistent in my efforts towards what I want as I do in my dreaming about it. Maybe even more.

I encourage you to take a look at your day-to-day and ask yourself, "Where can I change some of my daily outcomes by being just a bit more consistent?" I surprised myself with the answer, I hope you have a chance to surprise yourself too.

Much love as we continue to grow together,


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