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Day 2

We 'officially' launched yesterday, November 6th. It was a day full of nerves, chaos and uncertainty. We realized the night before that we were nowhere near where we wanted to be in terms of the feel of the store. But we pushed ahead anyway.

Here's the thing though... Up until Saturday night and Sunday - everything had happened so organically. We set this open date a few weeks ago and have been pouring all of ourselves into it. We've been talking it up to our friends and families; and getting everyone (including ourselves), very excited. We overestimated the work we could get done in that little amount of time. We pushed too hard and tried to make the process conform to our timeline instead of the natural course of things. We stopped listening to the Universe for just a minute - and experienced the first hiccup.

Ultimately though, our vision is clear. We know exactly what type of store we want to present. The community we want to build, the quality of the items you will find in our space, the connections we want to foster and the ways that we can eventually help those around us that need it most - those goals are all very clear for us.

And so, we'll just continue with what we're doing. Continuing to add our individual and collective knowledge and intentions into the site and adjacent spaces. To continue creating content that engages you and hopefully offers some assistance on your own journey and offering quality products in addition to the community we're building!

In short, we'd ask for blessings and forgiveness as we iron out the wrinkles in our new adventure. We love you all and are still working to bring you a place where you can always find peace and soul advancement.

Love always,

Star and Frog

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