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Updated: Oct 30, 2022

To say I know what I am doing or getting myself into would be so far from the truth that I’m sure anyone would see through that sort of fallacy. But does anyone really when they first embark on the journey of opening their own small business? I doubt it. However, as the universe does sometimes, the stars and planets have aligned to bring myself and an old friend (who just so happens to have a lot of the experience I lack in the startup department) together. We definitely balance each other out in the things we bring to the table.

My original vision (nearly 25 years old) of opening a business much like this one, doesn’t look the way it did in my dreams then. The times have changed, and this business is definitely growing much like I would imagine a baby in the womb would. The initial excitement is pure joy, and the things dreams are made of. The anticipation and imagining of what it will grow into. The planning. The “research” - that feels more like a day off, than actual work. And then, of course, the SHOPPING! I mean who doesn’t love shopping?

After the nostalgia of all that wears off, you begin to feel the reality of this quickly growing life force you are in charge of. It is still exciting, to be sure, but it’s a very different kind of excitement. All the back-end work, the meticulous record keeping (especially in the beginning) and building of the websites, social media profiles, advertising platforms and services. And of course, the relentless launch date, getting closer and closer by the hour now, instead of the day. You find yourself dreaming about it, waking up earlier than expected just to rush to your office to check on things, or begin the day before the sun peeks above the horizon.

We are just days from our official launch now, and I can feel the crunch hard.

Our baby is coming soon!!!

We are excited and determined. We’re getting as organized as possible and - although we might think we’re ready, I honestly think we have no idea how exciting this ride actually is going to be....

But…CAN’T STOP - WON’T STOP!!! See you SOON!

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